CallScripter 4.5.53 for Interactive Intelligence

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  • Migrating from EasyScripter to CallScripter

Migrating from EasyScripter to CallScripter



EasyScripter is approaching end of life as announced in 2014, CallScripter offers a far greater range of features and services. 
There are two main different approaches to consider when migrating from EasyScripter to CallScripter:

Install a New Instance of CallScripter and:

1) Transfer scripts from EasyScripter to the new CallScripter installation (recommended) or:
2) Rebuild the scripts (recommended)
These first two options are the recommended migration path.  EasyScripter 3.0 was built on CallScripter versions 4.2/4.5.  If any changes are required these are likely to be layout and styling items, rather than functionality.  Users will be able to get working quickly, and then take advantage of new features and  controls over a period of time after the scripts have been transferred across.
For more information on the first two options, see Installing CallScripter and Exporting Scripts  .
The other options are:

Perform an In-Situ Upgrade from:

3) EasyScripter 4.0 SU1
4) Other EasyScripter versions (please seek guidance before doing this as the process can vary from one install to another)